What is a Psychic?

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We often hear about people who possess the ability to sense things that cannot be normally sensed by an ordinary individual. In today’s society where ‘normal’ means doing what everybody else is doing, having this ability is considered unusual and strange. But the truth is, while there are those who consider the phenomenon as weird, it is actually a gift in itself.

What Is A Psychic?

A psychic, just like Jennifur Diamond, is a person who possesses the ability to perceive things that are hidden from normal senses. People like her are usually said to exhibit extrasensory perception (ESP) where they are able to sense things outside the ordinary. Some call it as having an extremely heightened sense of intuition while others call it supernatural powers. Whatever name you decide to call it, know that these people are very much like us, except for the fact that they are far more gifted than the rest of us.

Jennifur Diamond started out like every one of us did – a normal, happy childhood. In 1989, right after she recovered from a nearly fatal car accident in Florida, her whole life changed. During her recovery period, she had a near-death experience and saw for herself what the afterlife looked like. The days that followed introduced her to the psychic world. She described having a heightened sense of perception, where she is able to ‘smell a color’ and ‘feel a taste’. These abilities are called synesthesia. To further understand Jennifur Diamond’s newfound gifts, she consulted the help of empaths, mediums and psychics.

What Can A Psychic Do?

Not all psychics are the same and one psychic may possess a different set of gifts from another psychic. For example, psychic A may have been gifted with clairvoyance. It is the ability to see and feel things which other people cannot while Psychic B may possess the gift of psychometry. He or she will be able to discern certain ideas about the owner of an object even if the person is not physically present. Having a sense of precognition, on one hand, means the psychic has the ability to see or correctly predict what is going to happen in the future.

Choose The Right Psychic

In her more than 20 years of practice, Jennifur Diamond has encountered hundreds of fellow psychics. Sadly, not every one of them could stake a claim on being authentic. While there are those who are really legitimate, remember to choose wisely. Jennifur Diamond has devoted her life to helping other psychics spread the gifts that they possess.

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