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There is a lot of confusion in our society as to the true meaning of psychic ability. Some may believe psychic ability is some ‚”super-natural” ability only given to a select few. However, we all have psychic powers to some extent. Some individuals have just developed or fine-tuned their psychic abilities more than others.
A psychic is defined as someone who has the ability to sense things that are not available through our physical senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting or smelling). The word “psychic” originates from the Greek word “psyche” meaning the human soul, spirit or mind.Psychics have a keen awareness of the energy connection between people, places and things. They may feel emotion as energy running through their bodies. Most people associate psychic ability as something done on a mental level. In reality, it is felt on a physical level when the psychic connects energetically with another person.

A psychic is sensitive to the energies emanating from another individual. This “energy” may be referred to as the person’s aura. A psychic may use their abilities to access information from the emotional, physical and spiritual parts of the individual’s auric field.
Psychic power grows from intuition. Intuition is an instinctive feeling that allows us to acquire knowledge without the use of reason. We all come into this world with intuition. As children, we are very curious about everything and often have the ability to make connections between things that may seem to lack connection, or develop relationships with “imaginary friends”. As children enter school, adults begin to discourage children’s innate intuition, and thus we may lose some of our natural intuitive abilities.

There is a lot of confusion about the abilities of a psychic versus a medium. Psychics “sense” things on a material level and are usually not able to tap into the spirit world‚ unless by accident. All medium are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.
Not all psychics claim to possess the same abilities. There are several different types of psychic abilities. A given individual may possess one or more of these abilities. The primary psychic abilities are classified as clairvoyance, psychic dreaming, precognition and remote viewing.
Clairvoyance involves the ability to “see” events from the past, present or future in ways that are not logical or scientific. Instead, the clairvoyant receives messages in the form of fleeting thoughts, flashes of pictures in their head, or possibly a movie-like image playing in their head.
Clairvoyance might be a feeling that you need to do something immediately‚ like call a friend. It might be a fleeting thought of impending danger for a friend or family member. It might be that feeling that you know someone from the very first moment you meet them.

Psychic dreams generally involve information about future events being made known to the dreamer. These dreams, of course, need to be interpreted from the individual experiences of the dreamer. Dreams that appear quite vivid, or those that leave the dreamer with intuitive feelings upon awakening, are quite possibly psychic dreams. A psychic dream may be one in which you dream about a car accident‚ indicating you might want to get your car checked out, for example.
Precognition involves being able to perceive information about people or places before they happen. Precognition is the most frequently reported form of psychic power. Precognition can occur as a thought that your crosses your mind without any apparent reason‚ perhaps a fleeting vision or a dream. Precognition usually involves events that are going to happen in the immediate or near future and often involve people close to the individual receiving the information.
The ability to gain both sensory and non-sensory information‚ to see‚ objects that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away by focusing on them is remote viewing. This is a strong psychic power that is very purpose driven in nature. While the viewer is ‚ looking into‚ or viewing a distant location, is it usually for a distinct purpose. This psychic ability has been extensively used by the military.

Hopefully this article has enlightened you a little about psychic abilities. To develop psychic abilities, an individual must develop their sensitivity to the vibration of thoughts, sounds, ideas and images that may be floating around in their heads. If you are interested in developing your own psychic ability, there are many resources available to help you. Or perhaps, you might want to get a psychic reading from someone who has already developed their own psychic abilities.

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