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Here is my list of essential S60 applications. I install these applications everytime after a ‘hard-reset’ of my device because I use them the most. They are not in any order of preference. Not all of them are five-star applications and many of them have not even been reviewed by us at BestofSymbian.

I would very much like to read your list too. Please do post your list as Comments. And remember that my list is purely utilitarian. 

1. Handy Taskman

Task manager for S60 apps. Absolutely essential. Use it view applications running in the background, check memory usage and start or kill apps.  It has a neat and uncluttered user interface. Handy Taskman by Epocware is available here. Second Choice: Jbak TaskMan is free and is quite good.

2. Nokia Email Service

Nokia Email supports push email allows you to have upto 10 different multiple accounts. Its quite handy when you are on the move. Nokia Email is available here.

3. Vufone

I need to have multiple backups / sync of my phone’s contacts, messages, documents and calendar. For the backup on the cloud, I use vufone. Read our vufone review hereSecond Choice: Ovi from Nokia is good but I found too many glitches in the Contacts sync and I use it as a secondary backup. Google Sync is another option.

4. Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite is not an S60 application but its essential to make the best use of your mobile’s capabilities. So I have included it in my list. Its available at the Nokia website.

5. Flying MoneyManager

During travel, I use Flying MoneyManager to keep track of all my expenses. You can also export the expenses to the desktop in the csv or Quicken format. Its simple and easy to use. It available here.

6. Handy Safe

Store all your personal information securely using Handy Safe. Handy Safe is password protected and has a counterpart application for the Windows desktop that can be synced with the mobile. Its available here.

7. Handy Clock

With a world clock, calendar, alarm, timers and a stop watch, Handy Clock beats the native clock application on S60.  Handy Clock is available here. Second Choice: SBSH Reminders, but not as versatile as Handy Clock.

8. Advanced Call Manager

Its a call manager, as the name suggests. Lets you take control of your incoming calls in different ways – blocks and diverts calls, has a built in answering machine, sends a busy tone, personalized SMS, etc. Lets you create blacklists too. ACM can be purchased here.

9. ScreenSnap

Best ScreenSnap takes a snapshot of the mobile phone’s screen. This is very useful for my software reviews.

11. Y-Browser

An excellent file manager from drkukka. Its free and has some additional plugins and icon packs. Second Choice: X-Plore from Lonely Cat Games is more feature rich but it is not free.

12. Opera Mini

Great alternative to the default web browser to S60 and its free.  Can be downloaded at the Opera Mini page. Second Choice: Skyfire, Bolt – both in beta. Skyfire only works in US, UK and Canada. I couldn’t try it out. Bolt promises full PC-style browsing. I am trying it out now.

13. Fring

Fring is a classic application for free mobile calls, IM with Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, SIP, etc. The best available. Get it.

14. Active Notes

Active notes came built-in with my E71 but its now available for all S60 phones here. Its superior to the basic notes application in S60. You can attach images and media in a note and also link the notes to Contacts.  

15. QuickOffice

Active notes is a good application for writing short notes. But for full-blown documentation, QuickOffice is the the “go-to” application. I have written many blogposts using QuickOffice. I also use it to read documents on the go. Second Choice: Office Suite from MobiSystems is just as good. Read our review of OfficeSuite here

Honourable Mention

16. MobiPocket Reader

MobiPocket Reader is free pocket e-book reader for S60. There are thousands of e-book titles available for download and its a great way to spend time when you are traveling.

17. SkyeCaller Pro II

An excellent application for full screen caller display that supports audio and video ringtones. SkyeCaller Pro II is reviewed by me here and is available for purchase here.

18. Jomtris

Jomtris is a tetris-like game and its very addictive. Get it here.

19. cCalcPro

cCalc is a full function scientific calculator and beats the S60 default calculator hands down. There are two versions, cCalc, for regular keypad devices and cCalcPro for qwerty devices. Get it here.

20. Nokia Conversation

Conversation from Nokia is an add-on application that allows you to follow your communication with contacts as streams of conversations, which it organizes, based on individual contacts. Read our review here. Download it here.

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Dibyajyoti November 9, 2010 at 10:32 PM

Learn to sign unsigned applications by reading this post – http://dkgadget.com/learn-sign-unsigned-symbian-sis-sisx-file-install/

Marc April 22, 2010 at 3:30 AM

Good list, I’d also include Projekt great for organizing projects or multi step to-do’s. I have an E71x and active notes will not launch. For now I’m using Best Jotter which allows me to search but won’t allow me to put in pictures which would be a huge benefit.

Robert September 2, 2009 at 11:16 PM

Irs really kool. Could any1 provide me d unlock key for smartmovies 4.15

neo August 10, 2009 at 1:39 PM

Great collection but u can add some more fro here http://www.s60applications.co.cc

alan August 2, 2009 at 7:01 PM

i think u left out some gr8 applications such as core player(essential to watch videos n movies in almost any format.. Even avi files) , regardin push mail i use seven its just gr8 have all of my accounts there, 4 music ttpod , also da new photo browser from nokia is fantastic , nokia sports tracker is essential if u want to have a record of ur morning jogs , fscaller to see the picture in da whole screen… N some others…

Suraj August 4, 2009 at 12:36 PM

Hi Alan,
Sure, I may have missed out a few. I am checking out Core Player now.
The Photo Browser is a recent app. I liked the sports tracker as a novelty but still prefer the dedicated Polar watch.

Thanks for your comments.

jguest May 28, 2009 at 3:07 PM

Thank you! I am a new E71 owner, and this information is just what I need for expanding its usefulness.

Suraj Venkataraman June 2, 2009 at 5:33 AM

Great. hope you enjoy it.

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