Psychic Ability That Was Brought On As A Result Of Head Trauma

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Some People are truly gifted. They possess certain abilities that are not present in the majority of
the population. One excellent example is the kind of gift that psychics have, which is the ability to go beyond
what is considered normal. However, you would be surprised to learn that each one of us has the
psychic potential. But just like anything that is dormant and often left unused, it will not manifest itself
unless it is activated, honed and enhanced until it is fully optimized.

Activating Your Psychic Potential

Now that you recognize that you have Psychic potential, the next logical step to do is to learn how
to activate it. Much has been said about the different ways to activate your Psychic potential. The
information may vary, depending on your source. Some recommend that you stimulate your pineal
gland through visualization and breathing exercises, engage in deep meditation, pay more attention
to your”gut instinct” and supplement it by reading continuously on the topic as well as many more
exercises. They say you can learn a lot from the experiences of experts.

It can be said, however that there is really no exact answer specific to one person. What may have
activated these abilities of one Psychic may not necessarily be the case for you. Sometimes these
abilities are activated by chance, or fate and Jennifur Diamond is the perfect example.

Psychic Ability Due To Head Trauma

In 89 Jennifur Diamond planned a vacation to Florida. As she prepared for her trip she never had
the slightest inkling what lie ahead for her. Jennifur Diamond was involved in a terrible car
accident where she was unconscious and revealed what she saw during that time. In being able
to take a glimpse at the afterlife and witness the Dr’s and nurses coming in and out of her room.
The days after her recovery proved to be confusing.

Jennifur Diamond discovered that she was in possession of a gift- a not your ordinary kind of
gift. After the accident from which she suffered head trauma, she found out that she began to
exhibit highly developed senses where she could smell a color and taste the feel of fabrics
known as Synesthesia. She is able to sense a strangers thoughts, feelings and emotions as
if she has known them for years. Her sense of numbers was also hightened as well. As Jennifur Diamond
looked for ways to explain how and why she possessed such abilities, she sought the help
of Mediums, Empaths and other Psychics.

Finding Answers

There are no right answers carved in stone. Again what may have prompted the activation
of Psychic abilities in one person may not be applicable to you. In Jennifur Diamond’s
case, her Psychic ability was brought on as a result of head trauma.

Find out more about Jennifur Diamond at her website

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